IN THE GLOW - Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru Tricia Ward Shares Her Skincare Rituals

From her morning routine to her signature scent (and what to layer it with), Ward shares the products she turns to for her beauty routine.

If you follow the social scene, then it’s no doubt you’ve seen the  makeup artistry talents of Tricia Ward. With more than 16 years of  beauty industry experience with multiple Estée Lauder companies and MAC  Cosmetics, her interest in aesthetics began at an early age, with  drawing and painting. Influenced by ’80s and ’90s pop culture artists,  with their bold and vivid color trends, she was also fascinated by how  these artists could transform their looks and evoke different moods with  clothes and makeup.  

Fast forward to adulthood, when Ward continued to draw inspiration  from many different cultures as she traveled the globe with her husband  Jerod Ward, a professional basketball player. While living in Japan,  China, Korea, Cyprus, Spain and France, she was captivated by  international beauty trends. Now, she works with on-air talent,  high-profile clients and published photographers.  

Always challenging her own creativity, for Ward makeup has become the  paint and skin the canvas. “It is particularly gratifying to see how I  can help transform a client’s look and boost their confidence by  allowing them to express their personality through the art of makeup!”  she says.

But today, we turn the tables on this industry expert and focus on how she takes care of her own inner and outer beauty. 

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Tricia Ward featured in Sarasota Magazine

Tricia Ward featured in Sarasota Magazine